Explore the Unforgettable Beauty of Colorado, USA


Colorado is the 38th state and the 8th biggest state in terms of land mass in the United States of America with an area of 104,049 square miles and the population of over 6 million people. Colorado is nicknamed the centennial state because it entered union in 1876; 100 years after USA got its independence. The state was named after Colorado River which was named by Spanish travelers as Rio Colorado which means red color in reference to the color of the Colorado River. It is a colorful and magical state which has Denver as the capital and the most populous city. Major cities in include; Denver, Colorado Springs, Aurora, Lakewood, Highlands Ranch, Thornton, Westminster, Centennial, Arvada, Fort Collins, Boulder, Pueblo, Greeley, Longmont and Loveland.

Colorado is bordered by Wyoming to the north, Kansas to the east, Utah to the west and New Mexico to the south.

Colorado is home to 4 national parks, 1 national scenic trail, 8 national monuments, 2 national historic sites, 3 national historic trails, 11 national forest, 2 national grassland, 2 national recreation areas, 42 national wilderness area, 307 state wildlife areas, 2 national conservation areas, 8 national wildlife refuges, 44 state parks and numerous historic and recreational areas. It is well known for its abundant and various natural resources and diverse geography which range from alpine mountains, arid plains and dessert with huge sand dunes, sandstone deep canyons, rivers, lakes and forests. Colorado's Rocky Mountains are home to some of the nation's most astonishing natural wonders. Among these are: rising approximately 10,000 feet above the sea level in Northwest Colorado, Grand Mesa is the largest flat-top mountain in the world, and house more than 200 lakes and many miles of scenic hiking trails.

Colorado has the largest untapped oil reserve in the world which lies hidden 1,000 feet beneath the surface of the Mountains in the form of oil shale, but it continues to rely on its natural resources as well as tourism and agriculture to sustain its economy. The Rocky State is a leader in manufacturing of scientific and medical instruments, agricultural and mining state. Manufactured products include scientific, transportation instruments, chemical products and some more.

The major landmarks in Colorado include; Garden of the Gods; which is located within Garden of the Gods Park in El Paso, Dinosaur National Monuments, Colorado National Monument, Curecanti National Recreation Area, Mesa Verde National Park, also the Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Monument and the Great Sand Dunes. The United States Air Force Academy is also located in Colorado, it also have the highest paved road in North America, the road to Mt. Evans which climbs to 14,258 feet above sea level. The good thing about living in Colorado is that it has been recognized as the third best state in the nation in terms of business and economy. The state economy is diversified and is known for its concentration in scientific research and high technology industries. Colorado now also has the largest annual production of beer of any state. If you are an urbanite, a history expert, an outdoor adventurer, a mountaineer there is something for you in Colorado. And if your not dazzled by the natural wonders Colorado has to offer, you might be a robot.

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