California, the 31st US state, is one of the most intriguing too


California is one of the most intriguing state in America, it is the 31st state to be created in USA on September 9, 1850. California was first inherited by the Spanish who were the first European to reside on the land but due to the Spanish – Mexican war for independence, Mexico overtook the land and that ends Spain 100 years reign on the land. In 1848, the state was finally owned by the United States after the war between Mexico and America.

California has great cities like Sacramento as the capital, Los Angeles which is known as the home of entertainment. It was originally a remote Spanish outpost but now it’s the capital of the world entertainment industry and a major cultural center. It is also the second largest city in the United States, other great cities in California includes San Francisco, and San Diego.

California is known for various things ranging from mountains, beaches, golden gate bridge, national parks and of course the Hollywood industry, which is the major of all, going to Hollywood literally means going to Los Angeles, California. There are lot of individual that dream of going to this state and have a feel of the environment. The state is also privileged to have the second largest city in the country in Los Angeles. Top icons are also known to have come from the state, iconic figures like Robert Redford, Richard Nixon, Joe DiMaggio and a host of others. California is also known to produce over 17 million gallons of wine yearly which are distributed all over the world.

There are amazing landmarks in California, the state is proud of more than 50 landmarks that you need to see. Some of this landmarks are; The stagecoach inn formally known as the grand union hotel but now converted to a museum. Bodega harbor which was once used for a movie titled 'The Birds' by Alfred Hitchcock, the Santa Cruz beach boardwalk, Felton covered beach, The Marshall Gold Discovery State Historic Park, the old custom where American flag was first raised in the state and declared California as a state in America all thanks to John Drake, there is also the heart castle designed by Julia Morgan for a newspaper, the HP garage also known as the birthplace of the silicon valley, another landmark is the tourist attraction called Alcatraz Island and Yosemite valley, treasure Iceland which is man made, Paramount Theater, California first theater, The Beach Boys Historic Landmark in Los Angeles, and lots more.

If you enjoy been entertained, then California should be your home, there are a lot of attractions in the state and there are definitely new things to learn everyday in the state. There are lots of town, cities in the state that looks enjoyable. There are lots of fruits and vegetables in California, as the state is the home to lots of crop grown in America. With beautiful sight, engaging environment, entertaining people, interesting environment, California is a best move for you and I hope you decide to move someday.

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