Arkansas is called the Natural State and is the 25th US state


The natural state as it is fondly called is the 25th state in United States of America according to creation. Situated in the western part of the south central portion of the country have Mississippi, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Missouri and Louisiana at its borders. The natural state (Arkansas) was created on June 15 1836 with its capital called Littlerock.

The name Arkansas was derived from an Indian word called ?ookansa?. The state is known to be populated with over 2.5 million people and 53,104 in square miles. There are numerous symbols for the state, they include apple blossom which stand for the Arkansas flower, Arkansas state tree is known as the pine. The state is also rich in diamond as it is the only Americas major diamond mine. The state has over 600,000 acres of hikes and 9,700 miles of rivers and streams including the Eureka spring which was the location for the great passion drama which is the most attended outdoor drama in America.

There are numerous product that are manufactured in Arkansas, products like plastic, rubber, clothing and host of others. Arkansas is known for its hot springs national park which was used for medicinal purposes by the Native Americans, the park is made up of 47 springs and produces more than a million gallons of water daily. In 1832, the park then became a federal reservation. Arkansas is also known to be America?s only and major diamond mine where miners are allowed to search for quartz, diamonds, gamete, amethyst, jasper, agate which are all precious gems.

Arkansas has major landmarks which includes, Arkansas children hospital which is the sixth largest in the country, Arkansas state capitol, bath house row which was used to preserve the hot springs and their origin on the mountain, diamond state park which is world only diamond bearing site, hot springs national park, king opera house which is a performance hall, the magic spring and crystal falls, discovery museum which is good for learning.

Living in Arkansas will be so much fun based on the fact that the state is rich in attraction, conducive weather condition also with ever growing economy that will meet your needs. There are great shopping spots, social life in Arkansas which is always awesome as there are no dull moments due to festivals of different type. There are state parks that are great, employment opportunities are high as the unemployment rate in the state is low. Also, Arkansas cherish and have strong sense of culture because of its history. Arkansas is known to be a land of opportunities, so living there will definitely open up various life opportunities.

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