Arizona is the 6th largest state in the USA, with a 7.5 million population.


Arizona is known to be the 6th largest state in the USA, with 113,909 square miles with over 7.5 million people in population. Arizona is a captivating state that has a great history. Arizona was originated from the word? Arizoniac? which is an Indian word. The battle of Arizona between the USA and Mexico happened in 1846, in which the USA won and took a large portion of the land (Arizona) from Mexico in 1848. But in 1853, the US government took over the total land of Arizona and turned it into a territory.

There were numerous goldmines in the land, numerous people wished Arizona was a state in the 1890?s, and their wishes came to pass on February 14, 1912 when Arizona was named the 48th state of the United States of America.

Arizona has major cities that includes Yuma, Glendale, Tempe, Flagstaff, Phoenix, Scottsdale, Mesa and Sun-city with Flagstaff known to be the largest city in the northern part of the state and phoenix known to be the biggest city in the state with over 700,000 people and was named the capital of Arizona.

Arizona is known to have various attractions like the Grand Canyon that attracts a lot of people around the globe. Arizona is also known for its diverse climate. Every year from late summer to early fall, Arizona sees the snowbirds trickle in because cooler air from other regions convince them to flock on the Arizona desert until spring time if it warms up enough for them to return. The state is also known to have to have attractions like hiking with several mountains and the state has less wildlife.

There are icon and historic landmarks in Arizona, this includes; four corner?s monument which is the spot where four states in USA come together and the states include, Arizona, Utah, New Mexico and Colorado, there is no other spot like this in USA. Another landmark is the Grand Canyon which was created over the years by Colorado River due to an erosive action, other landmarks include Meteor creator, the canyons of Arizona, hoover dam, titan missile museum, Yuma crossing, Puebla Grande ruins, Awatovi ruins, fort Bowie, Jerome historic district and a host of other national historic landmarks.

There are many attractions which will stir you up to live in Arizona. The breathtaking views of Sedona, and how beautiful it is to make you live in Arizona. There are also plenty of lakes which allow the very activities that you will enjoy like rafting, boating, fishing, water-skiing, and host of others. You will also enjoy hiking, golfing and the sight-seeing of Grand Canyon. Arizona also possess diverse landscapes, the magical red rocks and snowcapped mountains for family tours. Arizona truly have all these and there are plenty of things to do in Arizona. Whatever your interest or level of skills are, there are numerous and endless report on activities in Arizona.

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