Alaska, the 49th US state, is the largest state by area


Alaska is recognized to be the 49th state in USA and also the largest state by area in the United States. Alaska is also the densely populated state of the 50 United States and 3rd least populous state in the country.

Alaska was formally controlled by the Russians, hence created a Russian - American company for fur trading. Russian government later sold the land to the United States government for 7.2 million dollars on March 30 1867 due to the fall of fur trade and the company was then dissolved. There were some beliefs then that the land was rented out for 100 years which looks now to be untrue.

Alaska was formerly known as the Department of Alaska, District of Alaska and not yet a state due to the less involvement of the United State Government. Alaska statehood act was later signed on July 7, 1958 and was known as a state on January 3, 1959.

Alaska is known for various things ranging from gold, mountains and natural resources, but the most recognized is the famous mountain in the state called Denali which is the highest mountain peak in the northern part of America. It is known to have a summit elevation of 20,320 and it is also the third most prominent peak, first and second is Mount Everest and Aconcagua respectively.

Alaska is also known to be rich in various natural resources like forest, game animals, lakes etc. There are also cranium, gold, coal, silver, copper coil, uranium, tungsten, jade in Alaska.

Alaska is massively rich in landmarks and they are achievement to behold. Various landmarks in Alaska includes; the native brotherhood hall, Adak army base and naval operating base, birnik site, the mighty Yukon river which was made famous by the Robert service, the river is also one of the Lionheart river in the northern part, chilkoot trail, mount danali, Tran-Alaska pipeline which astronauts believed can be seen from the space, huge halibut, Kodiak brown bears and kenai, river salmon which houses the largest salmon worldwide.

Alaska has great, impressive and exciting history which will definitely stir you up to live in the state. The state is a great tourist center with great minds and people with exciting animals. Alaska is known to have no poisonous plant unlike other states, the state also have sea foods. If you do love old time music and blue grass music, then you will love to live in Alaska. It might interest you to also know that there are no roads in or out of the capital city (Juneau) instead there are Alaska marine highways. Living in Alaska will definitely be a great experience you will definitely cherish. It is definitely the 'Land of the midnight sun' and a state to live.

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