Alabama in the United States has a population of over 5 million


Alabama is one of the fifty states in the United states with over 5 million people and having Birmingham as the largest city in the state by population, located in the southeastern region of the country. Alabama became the 22nd state to be created on December 14 1819. The capital of Alabama is Montgomery, the name Alabama came from the India tribe known to be "The Choctaw" and "The creek". Alabama has no particular official nickname, but was known as the Yellowhammer State, Heart of Dixie and the?Cotton State. In 1940 the chamber of commerce then promoted the name "Heart of Dixie" as Alabama is fondly called today, due to the major role the state played in the history of the south during the civil war.

Among the 7 states of the south, Alabama was one of the states that had to go through economic hardship from the historic civil war to the world war II due to their dependence on agriculture. Discrimination and segregation of the African Americans including the poor whites occurred due to the act of civil disobedience of an African American woman after the civil war occurrence as the African Americans were disenfranchised of their constitutional right which was then abolished after the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and Voting Rights Act of 1965 in which Martin Luther King Jr. played a major role in protest.

Alabama is known to be a beautiful state with beautiful people with the hospitality nature. The state is well known for couple of things. Alabama hosts one of the largest festival in the world which is the "Alabama Shakespeare festival" with more than 400 performances in a year. Alabama is also the home to the US space and rocket center and the marshal space flight center that developed the rocket that took the first set of people to the moon and space camps for kids. Alabama is also known to be the largest supplier of iron and steel products.

Alabama landmarks is rich in stories and was made famous by the belief and the battles of the people of Alabama. The landmarks represent the state history from the precolonial era to the space age. Alabama has 38 historical landmarks which can be found in 18 counties in the state. Some of the landmarks includes USS Alabama battleship, bottle creek site, USS drum submarine, first Confederate capitol in Montgomery, snagboat, Neutral buoyancy space simulator, Edmund pettus brigdge, Wilson damn and lots more. Living in Alabama promises to be an awesome experience, a state where the sky is so blue according to the song "sweet home Alabama". The cost of living in Alabama is known to be cheap, you have access to beach and beautiful mountains, and if you are the sport type, living in Alabama shouldn't be thought twice as the state have great history in sport and still do. And when considering the weather, it does snow like twice in a year but rarely last for 3 days.

Alabama is a state to be, as the state has been creating a better future by using the errors in the past, all thanks to the government and good people of Alabama

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