South Carolina saw the battle for its land in the 1500s


South Carolina was first explored by Native Americans, the battle for the land started in the 1500s with the Spanish explorers, which resulted in the Spanish letting go. The French gave up as well and it wasn't until the year 1729, which was the years after the military struggle for the land between the European colonies that the land split into South and North Carolina. The state officially separated from North Carolina in 1729, which was the cause of the extensive military action during the Revolution and the Civil war which began in 1861 as the state troops fired on the federal Fort Sumter in Charleston Harbor which led to the withdrawal of the state in 1860 but was later re-admitted in 1868. South Carolina was the 8th U.S. state when it was admitted into the union on May 23, 1788.

South Carolina is 8th state to be created in U.S and located in the southeastern region of the country. The state is bordered by Georgia, Atlanta and the Atlantic Ocean. Known to be the 40th largest state in United States, South Carolina is 32,020 square miles in land area, it is also the 24th most populated state with over 4,774,839 people in population as at 2015 and the state is ranked as the 19th most densely populated state in America.

The state is known for its tourist attractions. One notable attraction is the grand stand in South Carolina, which was 60 miles from Georgetown to Little River and known to be one the most popular U.S. tourist place. The state is also known to be rank second in the production of peach after California.

Landmarks in South Carolina includes Fort Sumter, located in Charleston and named after a hero of the American Revolution General Thomas Sumter, but the fort was set on fire which began the American civil war. Other popular South Carolina Landmarks are; Walden Correctional Institution, Swallow Savanna, Abbeville Opera House, The Big Opening, State Line Monument 1, Columbia Museum of Art, Emanuel Synagogue, Allendale County African-American Cultural Center, Harllee Natural History Museum.

South Carolina is a magical place with lots of fun and attractions to please you and yourself, and it won't be a bad idea moving to the state. The state got great beaches where you catch fun, walk along the beach to check out the cool houses and you will enjoy the sound of the waves. The state residents love the salt air and they believe it smells amazing. South Carolina mountains is breath taking even by the sight of the pictures, you can have fun with the family in this environment. Have you ever been to a balloon festival before? If NO, then consider moving to South Carolina, the festival is always spectacular. The festival this year (2016) will take place between Oct. 7-9. South Carolina food is awesome with dishes like a whole crispy fried flounder that can be found in most bars, not forgetting the state Oyster Roasts. The state outdoor exploration is also awesome, with spectacular waterfalls like the Raven Cliff Falls, kayaking on lake Jocassee which is one of the favorite in the state. Lastly, Friends and Family is a big deal in the state, you can always have fun and keep your family together in the state.

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