Pennsylvania is in the Northeastern Mid-Atlantic region of the USA


Just before the arrival of the European settlers, the region was explored by several Indigenous American tribes such as Eriez, Iroquois, and Delaware. The year 1600s brought the Dutch, English and Swedes to the region. The Affirmation of Independence was signed in Pennsylvania in 1776. Pennsylvania became the 2nd U.S. state when it joined the Union on December 12, 1787. To honor Admiral William Penn and his son of the name Pennsylvania was founded and given to the region which simply means 'Penn's Woodland'.

Pennsylvania state is said to be located in the Northeastern regions and mid-Atlantic of the United States of America. It is officially called the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The state is bordered by Ohio, Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, West Virginia and New York. Pennsylvania is the 33rd largest U.S. state with 46,055 square miles in land area and also the sixth most populated state in the country with approximately 12,773,801 people as of recent census data and it is the 9th most densely populated state in the country. Pennsylvania is known to have the weather capital of the world in Punxsutawney. The state can boast of somethings as the nation's first oil well was dug in the state in 1859, Titusville. This also led to the mining of coal and iron ore which led to the development of the state's steel industry. Other major industry in the state includes electronics, food products, chemicals, car and pharmaceuticals. Agriculture product produced in Pennsylvania includes corn, mushrooms, poultry and eggs, dairy, cattle fruit, soybeans, oats, sweet corn, Christmas trees, maple syrup.

Pennsylvania is blessed with so many historic landmarks which includes; The Academy of music which was opened in 1857 and the building is known to be the oldest grand opera house in America; The African American Museum in Philadelphia was the first institution funded and built by a major city to preserve, interpret and exhibit the heritage of the African Americans; Atwater Kent Museum of Philadelphia History, the Greek-Revival style building was known to be the original home to the Franklin Institute, which was opened for students in 1826; Benjamin Franklin Craftsman Sculpture, the sculpture was designed by Joe Brown and was dedicated on June 27, 1981; A 20 feet Benjamin Franklin National Memorial, which is a tall statue of Benjamin Franklin sculpted by James Earle Fraser between 1906 and 1911.

Other landmarks include: Awbury Arboretum, Beth Shalom Synagogue, Bushy Run Battlefield State Park, Carpenter's Hall, Cathedral Basilica of Saints Peter and Paul, Chatham Village, Chinatown, Chinese Friendship Arch, Christ Church, Curtis Centre (Curtis Building), Dream Garden, Dutch Wonderland Amusement Park, Fairmount Park, falling water, Joan of Arc Statue to mention but a few.

There are various reasons to live in Pennsylvania. The citizens of the state believe the Poconos are a way of life. During the winter, spring, summer, or fall, everyone in Pennsylvania comes to the Pocono Mountains for scenery and most of all for the fun. From skiing to zip lining and family vacations to honeymoon getaways, the Poconos have something for everyone to enjoy.

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