All winners were announced on 8th of May 2021

On the 8th of May 2021, winners of the Diversity Visa Program were announced. Also known as the Green Card Lottery, this is the government program in which applicants can win Green Card to the United States from typically under-represented countries.

To be eligible for the DV-2022, applicants must have submitted their information before the deadline, which was November 10th, 2020. You’ll receive your confirmation number by email on this date or can check your status online by logging into your account

It’s important to note that you’ll only be able to check your status if you have a confirmation number starting 2022, which would have been issued by the US Government in 2020 and send to you directly by US Green Card Office to your registered email. If you cannot find this email you can always log in to your account to retrieve your confirmation number.

Those who applied through the US Green Card Office paid service will receive a phone call to discuss the next step to complete the DS-260 form and prepare for the Visa interview in the American embassy. If your application was not selected it will automatically be submitted again in 2021 if you paid for a two-year submission. To check for certain, log in to your account and check your status. If you submitted your application by yourself without our professional immigration help then you can still check if you are selected using our free winner status check system.

While you can apply yourself, using US Green Card Office ensures:

  • You won’t be disqualified due to any errors in your application.
  • Your application will be submitted on time, that’s guaranteed.
  • Your application will be accepted by the US Government.
  • A confirmation number will be issued when the US Government accepts your application.
  • You will get the best chance of being selected. No one can beat that!

Each year, roughly 65% of all applications are disqualified due to errors or omissions. Instead, using the US Green Card Office means your application will at the very least make it to consideration as we guarantee that your application can be approved and excepted by the US government before its submitted.

Using the free service for your Green Card application means that not only can you make mistakes, but you also won’t be told if you do make them. As a result, you might miss out on the Green Card Lottery for a whole year due to something relatively minor and completely avoidable.

Luckily, going through the US Green Card Office means that you have immigration experts on your side who can ensure your application is completed to the correct standards. Remember we have been submitting applications for the last 22 years and have assisted millions in applying.

The benefits of a US Green Card are significant, regardless of where in the world you come from. Primarily, it entitles you to unlimited entry to the USA, Permanent Residency, and a choice of where in the country you want to live and work.

After 5 years of holding a Green Card, you can apply for full US citizenship if you wish.

Of course, living in the USA is a way of making your dreams come true. Along with significant employment opportunities, it gives you access to the largest economy in the world. This means greater housing opportunities, better employment, and greater financial security for you and your family.

Also, your Green Card will mean you pay less for tuition at a US university and that you can sponsor certain relatives during their Green Card applications.

Your physical Green Card must be renewed every 10 years, but your Green Card status remains in place for life. There are certain situations in which it can be revoked, but these are few and far between.

The Diversity Visa Program is the program through which applicants can win a Green Card for themselves and their families. The White House and President Biden are planning to increase the number of applicants from 55,000 to 80,000, which is an excellent step in the right direction.

If you didn’t apply last year or were unsuccessful, you can begin applying now through the US Green Card Office. Apply Green Card Today

Best of luck to all applicants waiting for results on May 8th 2021.

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