What is a Green Card

What is a Green Card – and how do i get it?

The United States is one of the most favorable places for career aspirants that urge people from several parts of the world migrate to the country in the quest of their dream job, higher education and many other purposes. Obtaining temporary visas and extending them periodically is a hassle free job. The immigration laws are quite complicated in US and those who are all set to relocate to the country permanently must therefore fully gather the information about the laws that they should abide by to pave their way for the acquisition of the permanent resident status. However it is not possible to obtain the permanent resident status at an early stage and people must remain content with the temporary visa permits. If all goes well in accordance with the immigration laws then an immigrant can apply for the Green Card that not only provides a permanent resident status but also mends ways of applying for the US citizenship.

Now the question is “What is a Green Card?” The Green Card is the powerful resident visa that allows the card holder to obtain the legal right to reside and work in the USA on a permanent basis. This is the most beneficial permit for the immigrants to the country that opportune them to retain their present citizenship of their native country and also widens the path for acquiring the citizenship status of the country.

There are different sources from which the immigrants can obtain the Green Card Visa in US.


Family and Relatives: If the visa applicant has any immediate relative having the US citizenship status such as spouse, children of less than 21 years of age and unmarried, parents of applicants of more than 21 years of age who have filed petitions for the for the US citizenship etc. Other than these, the green card holder who is the immediate family member such as a spouse, parents having unmarried children can sponsor their green card application reference. There are some other sections as well to obtain the GC using family connectivity.

What is a Green Card






Employer: One of the most widely used sources for Green Card petition filing is through employment connections. The applicant can proceed through if he has acquired a governmental job, if he is connected to whopping investments in the country that is beneficial for the US economy, if the candidate has got a permanent job offer in a US based company and requires the person to stay in the US etc.


Asylee Status and Refugee: If the applicant has entered the country as a refugee then he can apply for the green card after a year of stay in the US. If anyone has currently acquired the grant to get admitted to US asylum and has completed a year of stay at the organization then he is entitled to get the green card. However proceeding an application is even more beneficial.


Green Card as an Identification Proof

The Green Card serves even a greater purpose than the permanent visa permit. It is equipped with a unique identification proof for the holder. Nowadays the authorities attach a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) chip to the Green Card to prevent possible manipulation and misinterpretation of the card. Hence if you are a US visa holder your ultimate road to the permanent resident status is the Green Card.

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