USA Visa Lottery

How to Avoid USA Visa Lottery Scams

Every year, the USA Visa Lottery awards immigrants a green card which allows them to legally live and work within the United States. For many, the USA Visa Lottery provides a chance to fulfill a dream to achieve permanent residency in the US with the chance to apply for US citizenship following ten years of living in the United States.

Although it is possible for you to choose to apply for the USA Visa Lottery on your own, there are many complications that can come with this decision, especially if you are a winning entrant. For this reason, many immigrants choose to seek the assistance of someone who is knowledgeable about the process to ensure every step is executed properly.

USA Visa Lottery

USA Visa Lottery

One problem with searching for someone to help you register for the USA Visa Lottery is that there are many scammers out there that take your money and then disappear. If you are aware of these scammers and how they work then your chances are better of finding a trustworthy professional to help you with the USA Visa Lottery process. Here are a few tips to help you avoid these scams:

False Promises from Fraudulent Websites

When you search the Internet for someone to help you with the USA Visa Lottery you will find hundreds of websites that promise to help you get to your dreams. Here are a few fraudulent signs you can watch for when reviewing a website:


• Guaranteed Acceptance: If the website mentions that they guarantee you will be a winning entrant in the USA Visa Lottery if you work with them then move on. The US government has a random selection process that is accomplished via a computer program. There is no way around this which means there is no guarantee that you will become a winning entrant. All you can do is make sure you understand the process and that all registration steps are taken care of properly. This is what will increase your chances of winning the USA Visa Lottery.

• USCIS Affiliation: The website may try to tell you that they are an official with the United States Government and because of their affiliation they have a track record of success with every USA Visa Lottery application. Don’t fall for this and instead check on their background and credentials. If you can, talk with someone who has used their service. If you are still in any way uncomfortable or uncertain then move on.

• Exorbitant Costs: If the website is asking for a highly unreasonable fee to help you apply for the USA Visa Lottery this is a sign that it is all about the money and you should question their competence. You may end up paying an exorbitant fee that buys you more headaches in the long run if the application is filled out improperly, submitted late, or worse yet, not submitted at all.

• Unsolicited Contact: If someone contacts you when you did not request it be careful before you commit to their offer. For example, someone may contact you to inform you that you have been chosen to receive a green card. Then they ask for a large sum of money for you to receive the card which turns out to be bogus and is not recognized by the Department of State. Be suspicious of unsolicited emails or phone calls claiming you have been chosen for a green card.

These are a few of the USA Visa Lottery scams that you should be aware of and we advice you applying directly on our website to make sure your application is submitted in the right way and within the correct time frame set by the US Government. Please apply online on today using the below link.


USA Visa Lottery


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