USA Student Visa

USA Student Visa

A Citizen living in foreign country needs a visa if he wishes to enter the United States. This visa can either be for a temporary stay or for permanent residence. If you wish to study in the United States, then you need a USA Student Visa. The type of school and the course you plan to study will determine whether you get an F-1 Visa or an M-1 Visa.

USA Student Visa

USA Student Visa

Where to start from?

You can’t apply for USA Student Visa until you have been accepted to study on a course in USA. So, you need to submit an application for the course you wish to study before you apply for USA Student visa. Along with that you also need to make sure that the course you are applying for meets the visa requirements of USA. The student visa acceptance depends on the following factors:

–       The course you wish to study

–       Your country of citizenship

–       The institution you wish to study at

–       How you are planning to fund your study

The requirements for getting a USA Student visa are very specific. Along with getting accepted at the institute you are planning to study at, you need to have enough money to complete the selected course, be prepared for studying in USA and have an intention of leaving the country as soon as the course is completed. Most of these factors will be determined during the interview, but there are things that one should research before the interview. Make sure that your bank account holds enough money to complete the course. Also, always wait for your acceptance letter from the university before you apply for USA Student Visa.

Prior to your course, the visa won’t be issued until 120 days or less but your application can still be processed before this. It’s a smart choice to apply for USA Student visa as soon as you have all the necessary documents. This extra time will come in handy to focus on the other parts of studying abroad such as exactly what to pack when studying abroad, discovering the city you will be studying in and sorting out your accommodation.

Nearly everyone who has applied for the USA Student visa is required to go for an interview held at a US Embassy, it is a part of the application process. Don’t expect the same questions as asked by other students, since the interviews vary from student to student. If you fail to pass the interview, it means that you won’t be granted the USA Student visa.

If you want your family to travel with you then you first have to prove your relationship with the one coming with you, and then they have to apply for their own visas too.

Just because you have a USA Student visa in your hands, doesn’t mean that you will automatically get permission to enter the country as you arrive. The Border Protection officials, Department of Homeland Security and US Customs have the ability to stop you from entering their country. This isn’t exactly ideal, so make sure that you fully understand the requirements needed to enter the USA and so that you don’t unintentionally pack restricted goods.

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