Travelling to USA

travelling to usa

People from all across the world plan to move to USA either to enjoy a pleasurable vacation or to reside there for job. Come what way, USA is among the leading travel destinations visited by number of people throughout the year.

Awesome climate, pleasant weather and well-developed infrastructure is the highlight of this powerful nation.

traveling to usa

To most people, travelling to USA seems to be easy, but it is not so. There are a lot of things to do prior to planning a trip to USA or residing there for job purpose.

From flight booking to Advance Passenger Information and Electronic Authorization to Visa, everything you have to do on your own.

Yes, you can seek little assistance from your travel agent or any concerned person. Here are some useful things you should know to get prepared before travelling to USA.

At the outset, apply for VISA when travelling to USA

Most of the Australians travelling to USA do not need a visa for holidays or business tours lasting around 90 days. But, if you do not reside in Australia, you have to apply for Visa online via Electronic System for Travel Authorization that enables electronic approval before trip.

Considering your need to travel to USA on urgent basis, entire process of ESTA is accomplished quickly. But it is not free and you are required to pay $14 via credit card, as it is the only option available.

For those travelling to USA, the process of ESTA may seem tricky, but it has an advantage. With ESTA, all you need to do is just fill customs paperwork aboard your flight in place of separate customs as well as immigration forms.

One must consider applying for ESTA much before the trip. After arriving at airport, if you do not have Visa, you will not be able to take on your flight.

Validity of an ESTA is of two years. Those travelling to USA for medical treatment, business purpose, visiting family members and meeting friends must hold a visitor visa in order to enter into the nation. While businessmen should hold A B-1 visa, those who travel for medical treatment must have a b-2 visa.

These B-1 and B-2 as a non-immigrant visas are for a tenure of 3 months-10 years, as per the requirement. After reaching USA, you can apply for an extension of 6 months.

Lock your baggage with TSA locks

Using TSA-approved locks is probably the best way to work around lock ban. TSA-approved locks can be unlocked only with the use of master key. This certainly means that luggage screeners can look over your belongings if it does set out the security processes. However, it will remain unreceptive to outsiders.

Take heed of International transit

At times, US pops up all of sudden as transit stop when traveling to other nations like Canada or South America. When this happens, travelers are required to clear customs, even if they are heading towards another flight instantly and their luggage is tagged to final destination. It is something that takes place in no other country than USA.

Before travelling to USA, if you have booked trip through transit via US, prepare yourself for spending 2 hrs between flights.

Above mentioned are some small yet important things you need to know prior to moving to USA.


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