What is Green Card Lottery and how does it work

Green Card


Let us explain How the Green Card Lottery Works, also know as The Diversity Visa Program, more commonly known as the Green Card lottery, came into being in 1990 as a way to attract immigrants from countries that were typically under represented in the U.S. immigrant pool. Every year, 50,000 lucky winners from qualified countries are chosen to obtain permanent residency.

In order to qualify for the Green Card lottery, applicants must meet two criteria: they must be natives of, or married to a native of, a qualified country, and they must have the equivalent of a high school education or work experience in a field requiring at least two years of training. The spouse and minor children of any winner will also qualify for permanent residency.

The only method for applying for the Green Card lottery is online. There are no paper applications or offices where an application can be taken. Because the online process tends to get bogged down toward the end of that period, it’s best to apply as early as possible. A fairly large percentage of applications are disqualified due to errors, so be sure to follow instructions closely.

The Green Card lottery selection process is random and computer-generated. Around 125,000 people are usually chosen to apply for Green Cards. The reason the number is so much higher than the 50,000 spots available is because many who win turn out to be ineligible later in the process, or simply decide not to apply. If you are chosen, be sure to apply as quickly as possible so you don’t risk losing your spot.

The Green Card lottery is an excellent way to bypass some of the difficult family and employment requirements that applicants typically have to meet. If you’re born in a qualifying country, be sure to apply for a Green Card every year on US Green Card Office, you can apply online right HERE

How the Green Card Lottery Works

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