President Bidens Address to Congress 2021

On April 28, President Biden gave a joint address to Congress that reflected on his first 100 days in office and laid out his plans for the future. These plans are significant, even by US standards, and still have to make their way through the House and the Senate before they can become law.

Below are some of the highlights from the video above

1. Big Government is Back

In 1996, President Clinton declared the era of big government was over, and it was, until Biden became president. In Biden’s view, only the government can provide answers to the questions currently facing American citizens.

Among his ideas is the American Jobs Plan, a $2.3 trillion infrastructure package. It’s aimed at providing jobs by injecting money into overhauling road and broadband networks, building bridges, and upgrading water systems. Think of it as a modern-day version of Roosevelt’s New Deal.

He also introduced his American Families Plan, which consists of nearly $2 trillion of spending on everything from Medicare, childcare and paid medical leave to combating racial inequality.

2. The Lower Classes are his Focus

It’s no secret that Trump was pro-rich; he supported his own class. Well, the opposite appears to be true for Biden. He plans to introduce reforms aimed at aiding the middle and lower classes, which have suffered greatly during the pandemic.

Biden plans to tax “corporate America”: anyone making over $400,000 annually. He acknowledged that the pandemic has only helped the rich to become richer, while working Americans have been left behind. This, he claims, has left the USA far behind other world powers.

3. The Importance of Foreign Democracy

In contrast to the America first direction of the previous administration, Biden is setting his sights on re-igniting foreign relationships. His example was the US’s swift vaccination campaign and how it can be used as an example for other countries. He claims the USA must “do its part” in the fight against Covid-19, which means helping other countries in need.

4. Historical Impact

A president claiming they are making history is nothing new. In fact, it wouldn’t be a presidency if the office holder didn’t make this claim. Biden, however, is able to say this with a higher degree of certainty than most.

He paused his speech to acknowledge that he was stood in front of two women – the first time in history this has ever happened. Vice president Kamala Harris is leading the American Jobs Plan, a role Biden referenced during the same pause.


Considering Biden trod a relatively centrist line during his campaign, the plans he introduced during his joint address are incredibly liberal. However, as he noted, the USA has fallen behind other world leaders in its infrastructure, particularly in areas he addressed in his proposed bills.

This liberal view is also reflected in Biden’s positive attitudes towards immigration. His reform bill was one of his first major successes and means now is the best time to move to the USA. If you want to realize your dream, apply for the Diversity Visa Program through the US Green Card Office now.

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