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Health care system and services in USA

USA health system is a great example of publicly and privately funded health care services. Many legal entities in USA provide health care services in both public and private sector. This free market system allows anyone or any group to provide health care. Therefore, it is one way of increasing a competitive level of health system and health care provided to the consumers. USA health system is working in enhancing economic efficiency to great extent.

Moreover, USA has many excellent medical research systems like Harvard Medical School and Mayo Clinic. Such health systems are source of providing valuable researches regarding health technology and drugs. USA health system is successful for its quick health care delivery systems and economics. The role of market form makes sure the efficiency in healthcare provision. For long stay in market, all entities require to minimize the costs and maximize the product quality including medical fees and insurance.

USA health system is complex and uniquely good. It has high demand in the country. However, it has some other problems as well. An article written by Robin Wells discusses the health care crisis in US. USA health system is in the favor of wealthy especially the employers. On the other hand, those people with high incomes mostly pay their medical fees by using pre-tax income. Some of the wealthy people and firms in USA get ‘tax-break’ in order to access different medical services available. For example, some companies have to pay the health insurance instead of paying the tax for their employees.

Most of the Americans rely heavily on the health insurance that leads to the supremacy of the insurance companies. According to 2008 research, 33% of the overall health expenditures were paid by the private health insurance while only 11% was that comes from out-of-pocket payment. Health insurance in USA is mainly disturbed by the country’s private sector. Some of the people lack health insurance that leads to those minorities in USA who are unemployed and have no insurance. Therefore, they are not capable of getting any medical services. As of 2007, almost 15% of Americans cannot get any insurance.

The competitive markets of health system in USA increase economic efficiency with fewer monopolies. The market role is to make individuals achieve equity and efficiency in health care industries. In order to increase the supply of various health care services, increasing efficiency must be the priority of NHS and other health care providers in USA.

USA health system proves a great source of help for both the consumers and the government by making great savings on various health services. Due to the reason that not only the government provides health care, the share of government in health care must be low as compared to the economies where the citizens get full services from the government. USA government accounted for only 47% in the 2.3$ trillion spent on several health care products and services. It seems that USA health system is favoring private business over the public services. However, creating jobs and saving money for its customers is its main priority that increases average disposable income.

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