Green Card Lottery winners

Green Card Lottery winners

Accelerate Green Card Application Process with Diversity Visa Program

The Green Card is a very important document for the people from foreign nations relocating to the US in the urge to settle down permanently in the country. Besides serving as the permanent residency permit this bestows additional immigration benefit to take on a job in the country. Since it is not an easy process for the non US citizens to go through the hassles of the application forwarding alongside the completion of the legal formalities, the US government introduced the Green Card Lottery or the Diversity Visa Program way back in 1995 under which every year 55000 applicants are granted the Green Card status in the country. Green Card Lottery winners

The Green Card Lottery winners are at the advantage as they can now apply for the permanent citizenship status. However it is to be noted that there are a few exceptions to this initiative and it is the best opportunity for the applicants immigrating to the country through some employment purpose or family sponsored reasons etc. The regulations have gone through several changes over the years so people should check the eligibility criteria every year. For instance, this year, the countries like Guatemala, Cuba, and Ethiopia etc. are in the eligibility list.

The process of the green card lottery is relatively an easy process and requires the submission of a completed application form along with a properly taken photograph. The Green Card containing the photograph of the holder is considered an eminent proof identity of the person in the country. Since this document is of huge importance, advanced mechanism is applied to preserve the unique identification of the possessor by means of the Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) with a laminated cover to prevent manipulation of any sort. Therefore the candidates must ensure they submit a recently taken photograph that has high resolution clarity, free from any sort of shadow or darkness, non tilted etc. The candidates should not wear any sunglasses or other accessories that cover the appearance of the face in any way.

The eligibility criteria have been set with minimal requisites to allow a maximum number of prospective applicants under this program. It is compulsory for the applicant to complete at least 10+2 or equivalent years of education with adequate educational certification. In the event of not fulfilling this they should at least have passed the 10th standard exams alongside 5 years of job experience in any industry of which at least 2 years of training is must. If such a candidate is a citizen of a nation in the list of eligible countries then they are welcome to take the opportunity to apply for the lottery.

The selection process is quite tough so once the correctly filled applications are selected, the most prospective Green Card Lottery winners are called for the interview. Those who are found eligible and satisfactory during the interview will get the green card. Even if someone does not succeed in the previous attempts should keep trying every year as it increases their chances. Those who get the call for the interview must make it quick before the authorities run short of the maximum number of the cards.

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