Green Card Lottery

Green Card Lottery

The moment one hears the word U.S. green card lottery, a prospective idea to earn millions pops up in our minds.

But it is no simple lottery ticket; it is indeed the Diversity Immigrant Visa Program, run by the United States government. Approximately, it gives nearly 55, 000 immigrant visas to people of foreign countries whose rate of immigration to the US is low.

This visa permanently allows people to live and work in the United States. They can also call their spouse and any unmarried children under the age of 21 to stay with them.

How it Works

The U.S. Green Card Lottery is held every year by US government. Randomly about 110, 000 applicants are chosen from numerous qualifying entries. To be unbiased, entries from each region are individually numbered after they reach the Kentucky Consular Center.

At the closure of the registration period, entries are arbitrarily selected from each geographic region by a computer.

The lucky applicants are notified by the Kentucky Consular Center. The winners are contacted by a consular office, where they have to provide the proof to meet all the desired requirements like qualification and years of work experience etc

How to Apply

The State Department publishes the detailed instructions on the correct application procedure in press releases and the Federal Registrar every year in October.

The registration period is normally conducted in November. You must fill the application form correctly as incomplete or incorrectly filled applications are disqualified. The online application form of the Lottery asks you for the following information:

  • Full name
  • Date of birth
  • Details of Place of birth i.e city, town, province, country and zip code
  • Gender
  • Mailing address and telephone number
  • Email address
  • Country of eligibility
  • Marriage status
  • Recent photos
  • Count unmarried children below the age of 21 years
  • Spouse information
  • Children information

What does Permanent Status mean?

When one is granted permanent status through the U.S. Green Card Lottery, they can permanently reside in the U.S.A. After this, you must abide to all the laws like the citizen of America.

You will have to pay taxes on annual income yearly. You are however allowed to leave the USA for 2 years but you must live most of your life in the states only. After the completion of 5 years, you can file for citizenship provided all your documentation is ready and correct.


There are only two criteria for anyone to qualify for the U.S. Green Card Lottery program. Firstly, he or she must be a national of a qualifying country.

The country of an individual is determined by his country of birth and not by current citizenship. Applicant citizens of those countries, whose immigration rate is high to the United States, are not eligible to enter the lottery.

The second entry requirement is based on education and work experience. The applicant requires to have successfully completed twelve year course of basic and secondary education, or the applicant should possess two years of work experience from the last five years in an occupation which requires at least two years of training and experience.

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